Attestation of Other Documents Attestation of Other Documents


(Court affidavit, Surety bond, Indemnity bond etc.)

Question: How do I get documents such as court affidavit, surety bond and indemnity bond etc. attested?

Answer: The following is required:

  1. Valid passport in original and photocopies (first/last and valid visa page) of the parties involved. 
  2. In case of a proxy, valid passport in original and a photocopy (first / last and valid visa page) of the person presenting the documents to the Consular Officer. 
  3. Incase of a proxy an authorization letter issued by the company or individual is required. 
  4. Original documents issued in India should be attested by the Ministry of the External Affairs, New Delhi

* Fees may vary in case of documents to be used for commercial purpose.
* Additional documents may be needed depending upon the documents presented for attestation.

* Document is processed the same day.


Fees : US $ 12 (Non-commerical)

          US $ 52 (Commerical)

Note: Turkish Nationals

If the applicant is a Turkish National, he / she has to produce the document attested by the local court and countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey. The applicant has to be present at the Embassy along with the above attested document with his/her valid passport in original and a photocopy.