Precautions while filling the Passport Form Precautions while filling the Passport Form

Precautions to be taken while applying for Passport

  • Copies of the passport(s) (except blank pages) should be submitted in all cases along with the application, when applying for any passport service. In case your latest passport is an additional booklet issued to the original passport, you are also required to submit all the additional booklets and the original passport.
  • Incomplete applications or applications without required documents will be returned straightaway.  Applications submitted at the counter in person are processed within a week.  Cases where a reference is required to be made to other passport offices, would take longer time.
  • Affidavits in connection with various passport services can be sworn at the  Embassy itself for an additional fee of US $10.00 if you are able to furnish sufficient documentation to the satisfaction of the Consular Officer to establish your identity. Such document may include copy of Indian passport, driving license, letter from employer certifying the applicant's identity, damaged passport, social security card, letter of introduction from two Indian residents abroad in respect of the identity and citizenship of the applicant, a certificate issued by the concerned educational/training institution to the effect that the individual is a bona fide student of that institution and that he is of Indian nationality as per academic records submitted by him at the time of admission (in case of students), and air tickets/boarding passes/itinerary/visa copy (in case of short time visitors). In case the Consular Officer is not satisfied with the identity/photo of the applicant, the applicant is required to obtain the affidavit attested/sworn before a Notary Public(not a solicitor).
  • Application for a passport service is to be submitted by the applicant himself/herself or through his/her family members only with an authorisation given by the applicant.  Travel Agents/Agents/Solicitors are not permitted to submit applications on behalf of applicants. Similarly Passport can be collected by the Applicant himself/herself or through proper authorisation to his/her relative.

WARNING: It is an offence to knowingly furnish false information or to suppress material information when applying for Passport services.