Renewal of International Driving Permit Renewal of International Driving Permit

Reissue of International Driving License

Turkey and India being the signatory of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic 1949, the International Driving Permits Indians living in Turkey and holding International Driving Permit (IDP) issued from India are valid in Turkey. Now Indian national wef 15.02.21, can apply for the renewal of IDP at Indian Embassy in Ankara or at Consulate General of India in Istanbul.  The renewal of International Driving Permit has become one of the Consular Services which can be availed by Indian nationals and saves the Indian nationals from visiting home country for renewal of the Driving License which is valid for a year only. It may be noted that this service is only for the renewal of the IDP.

Documents Required

  1. Application form (available at Embassy/Consulate)
  2. Passport Original with photocopy
  3. One Passport Size photographs (2 inches X2 inches)
  4. Original IDP (expired) with photocopy
  5. Valid Domestic Driving License with copy
  6. Original Turkish Residence Permit/Work Permit with photocopy

The Embassy will accept the fee and issue a receipt to the individual. The individual will then apply online ( for fresh IDP and will upload the requisite documents including the receipts issued by the Embassy/Consulate.

On receipt of application through the portal, the licensing authority, on verification of the documents, shall issue the IDP and shall courier it directly to the address of the applicant in foreign country.

Fee: Fee USD 12.00 (USD Twelve only)